Quaker Myth Busters

MYTH: Quakers and Shakers are the same thing

| Category: Falsehood

FALSE The Shakers are a nearly-dead religion with only three remaining adherents in Maine. Quakerism is alive and well.

The association comes from two things. First, there’s the part where the names rhyme and seem to refer to the same thing (trembling in awe of the Lord). Second, Ann Lee, the woman who started the Shakers, was previously a Quaker. Ann Lee believed herself to be the female counterpart to Jesus. She also believed in strict separation of the sexes to prevent sinful temptations (guess she never heard of being gay or bi!)

But really, to sum up: Shakers are celibate. That’s why there are only three left. Quakers have nothing against sexuality in general, and will often leave matters of sexual morality up to individual conscience.